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Legal Services for small businesses and their owners
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Kansas City Business Law Attorney

Legal Services for Small Businesses and Their Owners

In today's competitive business world, small business owners need smart solutions to stay ahead of the game. As a former successful business owner and manager for two decades, I understand the challenges and demands that any small business may face. As a Kansas City business lawyer, I have dedicated my law firm, the Law Offices of Mark R. Dunmire, LLC to providing the comprehensive solutions that are geared to the needs of small businesses, including general legal counsel regarding business law, real estate and property law, business structure and formation, risk management, taxation, IRS tax problems resolution, tax controversy, intellectual property, contract review, negotiation, product liability, civil and commercial litigation, and criminal, traffic, and municipal code violation defense. My mission is to provide the tailored help you need when faced with a legal problem so that you can move forward with building your business and ensuring its viability and success.

Whether it is a personal or a business legal problem, getting the answers, guidance, or legal action you need in a timely manner can make all the difference in the future of your commercial enterprise. Whether your business is a start-up, entrepreneurial, an established family business, a service business, retail, professional group, or internet business, whether you work out of your home or from a corporate office location, you will inevitably run into matters which require practical and cost-effective solutions from an attorney you trust. That is the service my firm offers to business owners throughout the greater Kansas City area.

Business Experience from a Legal Professional

Because of my former business experience, I have a deep understanding of the needs of business owners. The importance of retaining a knowledgeable business law consultant or advisor when faced with a legal issue cannot be overstated. As such, I can provide relevant and customized assistance with problems ranging from employer-employee relations to contracts to licenses and taxation matters. My areas of command extend to real estate, property law, estate planning, business succession, elder law, and more. I am a former research assistant for Professor Patrick A. Randolph, one of the nation's leading real estate attorneys and a former administrator and assistant moderation for DIRT, the American Bar Association's list serve on property law. Currently, I am the associate editor for the Missouri Bar Association's business case law summaries.

My firm offers a free case evaluation to help you get started in handling your legal matter. As your dedicated business lawyer, let me help you achieve your unique business objectives and goals. Contact the firm to arrange for a confidential legal consultation today.

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