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Civil & Commercial Litigation

Legal Representation in Civil Disputes and Lawsuits

Unlike criminal cases which seek to ascertain guilt and punishment for those who violate criminal laws, civil cases involve civil disputes which need to be settled through the courts between individuals, businesses, or corporations. These disputes and lawsuits are generally based on perceived and asserted wrongs by the plaintiff, who may seek damages or the recovery of a right. Such cases are often based on public laws, such as personal injury law, employment and labor law, real estate or property law, intellectual property law, and more.

As a small business or business owner, if you are involved in a civil dispute which may lead to litigation, you will need the legal support and representation of an attorney. As a civil litigation attorney, I will research all of the legal factors pertaining to your situation in order to ensure that your rights are protected, that your position is defended properly, and that the best possible outcome is achieved. Prior to taking your case to the courts, I can work on your behalf to resolve the issue through appropriate negotiation tactics and other relevant legal strategies. Should these actions fail to result in a resolution, I can develop and prepare your case for litigation and represent you in court.

Business Law Attorney for Civil Cases

My firm, the Law Offices of Mark R. Dunmire, concentrates on business law for small businesses in the greater Kansas City area; as a civil litigator, I offer competent legal representation to clients who are involved in any type of civil dispute, whether it is related to a breach of contract, claims brought against you by an employee, tenant, landlord, competitor, vendor, supplier, or any other party. I understand the need for efficient and cost-effective legal solutions to these situations. At the same time, it is vital that your legal rights are preserved so that you and your business can proceed unimpeded.

Whatever type of civil or commercial litigation issue you are facing, you can contact my firm to schedule a free, initial case evaluation with me so that you can learn where you stand, what legal actions or options may be open to you, and how best to move forward towards a resolution.

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