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Criminal, Traffic, & Municipal Code Violation Defense

Defending Small Businesses and Their Owners in Kansas City

Being charged with a criminal or traffic offense or a municipal code violation can be a frustrating and often intimidating experience. This is especially true for those who have never dealt with local courts, local governmental agencies, or law enforcement agencies before and who may have little understanding of the laws, regulations, codes, procedures, and ramifications involved with such alleged violations. As a small business owner, you may be facing the risk of criminal punishment, such as loss of business or driver's licenses, financial penalties, possible jail time, probation, or other sanctions against you or your business.

Criminal, traffic, and municipal code violations may include such situations as arrests, charges, or citations for speeding or other moving violations, drunk driving, assault, battery, fraud, or other alleged white collar crimes or improper business practices. Like all major metropolitan areas, Kansas City has hundreds of municipal codes, ranging in subject matter from advertising to alcoholic beverages to buildings, building regulations, food and food products, condemnation of property, health and sanitation, licenses and business regulations, property maintenance, traffic and vehicles, to zoning. All of these areas can impact you or your small business; where you have been accused of violating any law or code, you may need to build a defense case to protect yourself and your business investment from potentially harsh or debilitating penalties.

Legal Support for the Kansas City Small Business Owner

At the Law Offices of Mark R. Dunmire, you will find a business law attorney who understands your needs and objectives; as a former successful business owner and manager, I know how important it is to resolve these legal problems as quickly and effectively as possible while safeguarding your legal rights. Whatever situation you may be facing, getting pertinent and knowledgeable legal advice is always a recommended first step. Contact my firm for an initial case review. As your attorney, I will do everything possible to help you achieve positive case results so that you can move forward with your personal life and / or your business objectives.

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