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Elder Law, Business Succession, and Estate Planning

Serving the Needs of Small Business Owners in Kansas City

Elder law, business succession, and estate planning are all inter-related areas that impact small business owners, their families, and beneficiaries. The Law Offices of Mark R. Dunmire is dedicated to ensuring that your needs and objectives in these vital areas are covered and implemented with a comprehensive plan customized to you, your family, and your business. As a business law attorney, I work with clients involved in all types of businesses to ensure that retirement plans, business interests, minor or disabled children, elderly parents, and all assets and investments are thoroughly protected. Family, business, and asset protection is a vital issue which involves informed decisions and proper legal execution and updates of documents and instruments such as wills, trusts, powers of attorney, insurance policies, and more.

Legal Representation in Estate Planning

To ensure the continued success of your business, a business succession plan should be created; this may involve many complex issues and arrangements, including tax planning strategies as well as integrating such a plan with a multi-faceted estate plan for maximum advantage. Estate plans ensure that your wishes and instructions are known and followed, that your estate benefits from all possible tax advantages, and includes such matters as elder care planning, medical directives, and more. Irrevocable and revocable trusts, living wills, special needs trusts, medical and financial powers of attorney, charitable donations, and long term health care are matters which may require legal guidance and arrangements. These issues may involve coordination with accountants, financial planners, insurance agents or brokers, medical professionals, and more to ensure that a thorough and workable plan is devised and put into place.

Planning for the future of your business, family, and estate is a vital issue; make informed decisions with the professional legal help of a law firm that focuses exclusively on small businesses and their owners in the Kansas City area.

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