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Property & Real Estate Law

Legal Representation for Business Owners in Kansas City

Legal matters involving real estate can arise for developers, owners, managers, and other professionals who work in or around this field. These legal concerns can include all aspects of any proposed or existing real estate project, including buying, selling, developing, leasing, improving, financing, or structuring real estate transactions or holdings. Real estate legal issues may involve residential or commercial property or raw land, all of which may be subject to city, county, municipality, state, or federal regulations or laws.

The Law Offices of Mark R. Dunmire provides skilled and knowledgeable legal advice, guidance, and representation in any real estate matter in or around the Kansas City area. As a business lawyer serving the real estate industry, I have a strong command of this field; I am a former administrator and assistant moderator for the American Bar Association's list serve (DIRT) on property law.

Real Estate Issues and Legal Matters

Legal matters concerning real estate may arise in the acquisition, development, management, leasing, exchange, or selling of any property; such matters may involve issues or disputes between tenants and landlords as well as between owners, tenants, homeowner associations, neighbors, and local government entities. Other concerns may arise in the financing of any real estate project or transaction, in how it is structured, or in its tax consequences. Issues and disputes can develop between borrowers and lenders, buyers and sellers, or between these and other parties, such as contractors, builders, real estate agents or brokers, title companies, or other professionals involved in any real estate project or transaction.

Whatever legal concerns you may have related to the field of real estate and property law, my firm will work closely with you to ensure that your legal issues are resolved in an efficient and cost-effective manner so that you may move forward.

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